Freelance SEO Consultant in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR | SEO Expert in Ghaziabad - Ashish Gupta
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Want to rank higher on Search Engine?


I will help your business website to rank on the top page of the google with the right keyword.

Hi, I am Ashish Gupta. A SEO Expert and Freelance SEO Consultant in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India. I have been offering Digital Marketing & SEO Services to Digital Marketing Agencies, Product-based Companies and start-ups all over the world.


I have a passion for learning more & more about Digital Marketing Tools & Techniques. After completing my academics, I got, the chance to enter the Digital Marketing Industry.


I  started my career with NIIT Learning Center as a Technical Trainer; I was responsible to train aspirants the latest Web Development Technologies & programming languages like C, C++, Core Java &. NET.


Working as a Technical Trainer, I heard about digital marketing and felt fascinated about it.  That’s how, I explored Digital Marketing, SEO and some other internet marketing terminologies. I used to surf the internet whole nights. Which helped me gather more information about digital marketing, I worked on a website and it was an easy task for me to understand & implement on-page SEO.

I created a blog for my previous company and accidentally ranked 2 keywords on the 3rd page of Google. It was the turning point, my Digital Marketing Career kicked off. Now I rank keywords for any business websites & blogs from any industry confidently.


Let me tell you that, SEO is not rocket science. It is a mixture of art & creativity which makes a significant impact on doing business online.


I can help you with all the aspects of Digital Marketing like On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads & Instagram Ads. I also have a good knowledge of Web Development.


It’s my profession to offer SEO optimized websites and rank them for most competitive keywords. I have good knowledge about how to generate leads and sales from organic search and PPC Ads too. I can help you with organic SEO, Paid search & display campaigns on search engines like Google, Bing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Below-mentioned Digital Marketing Services are Being Offered by Me

Search Engine Optimization

I will SEO optimize your E-commerce, Corporate website or Blog to rank it on Page 1 of Google for your money keywords.

Pay per Click

I  will increase your business visibility with Paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram & other platforms.

Social Media Optimization

I will optimize your Social media platforms for improved visibility & better customer engagement.

Web Development

I will develop custom-designed E-commerce, Corporate and Blogging websites for your Business.

SEO Agency or Freelance SEO Consultant?


Actually, it is a tough call to make whether you want to choose a Freelance SEO Consultant or SEO Agency and there is no way out to know what do your business need. Although you cannot blindly trust any SEO Agency or Freelance SEO Consultant.


In my 6 years of Digital Marketing career, I have been both, a Freelance SEO consultant for businesses and also worked in SEO agencies as Digital Marketing/SEO Manager.


In this tenure, What I observed is that most SEO agencies work like Production Factories, it doesn’t matter what your requirement & what your industry is; the only thing that they consider is SEO: and SEO for every website is performed by an assembly line executive, who has no proper experience & guidance, how to handle industry specific SEO project. Every SEO project is treated with the same methodology.

However, as an SEO Consultant, I have learned that SEO works differently in every industry. Some SEO tactics which work well in Fashion blogs/websites may not work in Tech websites or in E-commerce.


Unlike other SEO Agencies in Delhi NCR, I analyze and understand each client’s requirement individually, take into consideration the competition in a depth level and then make a strategy that is best for your business/industry and you get the best results.


Advantages of Availing my Freelance SEO Consultant Services


There is always an advantage of working one-on-one with an SEO Expert. As you can directly connect with the professionals via call/email for all your queries. Once you order a consultation with a Freelance SEO Consultant, you get much faster feedback. So by working with a professional, everything becomes more efficient.


What really differentiates Freelance SEO Consultant from SEO Agencies is that your project will be completed by the same SEO professional with whom you are interacting. It will not get outsourced to any unknown/fresher professionals.


At some agencies, it can take days to get a reply on a crucial SEO issue but with a Freelance SEO Consultant, you can get the answers or solution quickly. Also, the cost involved in hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant can be much more economical than hiring an SEO Agency.

Why Should an Organization Hire a freelance SEO Consultant?


In most of the cases, companies struggle to get the right talent for SEO & Digital Marketing. This is because of various reasons like – lack of knowledge, limited budgets or wrong SEO hiring experiences in the past.


Actually, the best Freelance SEO Consultant is the one who works on diverse SEO projects with different Digital Marketing Agencies to have more exposure to Latest SEO & Digital Marketing techniques. Such SEO Expert would hesitate to join a company which focuses only on internal SEO & Digital Marketing project.


So it’s a false concept to think that only an SEO Agency can deliver the best results and not a Freelancer SEO Consultant.





I analyze client’s and their competitor’s websites thoroughly. I provide more personal attention to your business website than any other SEO agency/Freelancer. There is no reason to hire an amateur SEO freelancer Consultant or SEO agency if it does not deliver remarkable results. It will only be a waste of money and time.



I provide complete SEO services which usually includes technical website audit, Website design change suggestions (if needed) On-page SEO recommendations, changes and building authority links for Off-page SEO.


I have a team of Graphics Designer, Web Developer and Content Writers who assist me in doing technical changes and writing quality content for link building. I manage every aspect of SEO for your project from design to content.


Apart from Freelance SEO Services, I also provide Social Media Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads, Instagram Ads, Website Development, Local and International SEO promotions, Graphics Designing, and Content Writing Services.
SEO Process used by SEO Ashish Gupta -



I use complete White Hat SEO techniques to make your website optimized and Search Engine friendly, which end up resulting top search engine rankings for a long time. For reference, I use some of these but not limited to below-mentioned steps in SEO optimizing a website :

Technical SEO Audit

I will perform a technical audit to find SEO Errors in your Website.

Resolve the found errors

I will correct all the errors found in technical audit of website.


I will make your website SEO friendly so that it can fullfill all SEO parameters.

speed optimization

Google loves websites that loads faster. Ideal time to fully load a website is 3 seconds.

Search Engine Optimization

I will do on-page and off-page SEO of website. on-page is to optimize website and off-page is to create natural links to website.

Google Penalty Removal

I will remove thin pages, doorway pages & low quality links from website, if any!

create sitemap & robots.txt files

sitemap.xml & robots.txt files are the essential for SEO optimization of a website.

Evaluate the seo

I will evaluate your website and perform competitor analysis to keep you ahead of them.

monitor results

I will monitor the results such as keyword rankings & share with you.









What is SEO?

SEO is the process to make a webpage Search Engine friendly and thus rank it higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) without any ads. This ranking is called organic, as it does not require any money to spend for putting a webpage on top of SERP for any search keyword.